Raise your hand if you have a Pinterest Board for your future home or home renovation ideas? You know, the one that is for the “if I ever build a house, I really MUST do this!” Well, I decided to share some of my favorite house hacks that I have seen around Pinterest and the internet! I am a geek when it comes to these types of things so if you have any that you have found – please share them too!!!

Add an outlet in your bathroom vanity from Beagles do it Better – so great for your hair dryer (granted I don’t think this would pass code!!)

Remove a drawer and install a paper towel holder in its place from Southern Living – LOVE a clean counter!

Paper towel holder in drawer

Pull out counter top under oven – This is SO great – why didn’t I think of this!!

Electrical outlet in mantel for Christmas light or lamp by The Garden Web

A pot filler in a coffee center would be my morning dream from Kitchen Details and Design

Kitchen cleaning supplies storage – simply genius use of space

Total pantry lust – keeps the kitchen counters clean! from NZ House and Garden

Galvanized wash sink tub by Willow Decor

Pulling outdoor pieces in to make a stunning interior design impaceSave

Utensil drawer – I would love to get rid of those inserts!

Vanity drawer step stool from Ana White – such a great use of space!

Pull out baking drawer – this is a dream drawer!!

Movie Pit – who doesn’t NEED this?

Add a door from the garage to inside the pantry for unloading groceries – this is PURE genius!!!!

Cute up your old appliances with a little electrical tape from A Beautiful Mess!

If you LOVE Life Hacks as much as me you will adore these!!

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Source: https://princesspinkygirl.com/house-hacks/2
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