Not long ago I explored ways people have used the super affordable Bekvam spice racks all around the house and today I’m turning to another cheap and extremely versatile IKEA product – the Fintorp kitchen organizer series. Let’s take a look at some clever and smart ways folks are using Fintorp at home.

The Fintorp system, if you’re not familiar with it, is a rail-based organizer which includes hooks, wire baskets, and metal caddies in two sizes. You’ll find it in IKEA’s kitchen section, but as you’ll see below there are a plethora of creative ways to use it throughout your home.

1. Amanda of Things Bright & Beautiful doesn’t have outdoor space, but since she loves to cook she wanted to grow her own herbs – voila!

2. Similarly, Pinterest user RyE McE created a small, indoor container garden in her home and she actually hung the Fintorp rails completely across her window for maximum sun exposure.

3. Blogger 1bp used the Fintorp above a baby’s changing table to keep diapering supplies in arm’s reach.

4. Elizabeth Rago of Inside Shopper hung them in the kitchen to hold fruits and vegetables.

5. The parent bloggers at Renovation Tracker used a row of Fintorp caddies to house their children’s art supplies.

6. Sari Lehrer’s family (toured on Cup of Jo) uses the Fintorp as a coat rack with the hooks to hold coats and the basket to hold smaller items.

7. Linda Smith-Atwell uses them to hold a mish-mash of items in a pantry closet.

8. Beth Wolbach uses them in the bathroom as an alternative to a make-up table.

9. Jessie of Messy Jesse used Fintorp to organize her sewing and craft supplies (and, bonus, she also used the Bekvam spice racks).

10. Tanya of Montreal Mom hung them in her teen daughter’s bunk bed space to perform like a bedside table.

11. Nadia of Stylish Living redid her laundry room and used the Fintorp to corral her clothes pins.

12. Lynne and David of A Farmhouse Reborn hung mugs and coffee pods to create what they call their “coffee nook.”

13. This shared office/playspace on Better Homes & Gardens features a chalkboard paint surface and uses the Fintorp to hold chalk, a roll of paper and a tote bag.

14. Pinner Lisa Petlev transformed this wall niche into a family message station and holds chalk, erasers and note paper in her Fintorp caddies.

15. Julia and Christopher of ALivingSpace use the Fintorp close to its intended use in the kitchen and have made great use of this small corner of their kitchen to hold utensils, some spices and a small frying pan.

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