1.) Have you done your kitchen cabinets yet? I’d love to see them!
-Nope! We’ve been focusing all of our effort on finishing up the office/dining room and getting the darn bathroom renovation done. I am planning on tackling our beast of a kitchen sometime in 2013.

2.) What kind of sock? Really? Why? Are you sure? The white kind?
-Bottom line: men’s cotton athletic socks, Hanes or store brand doesn’t matter, and it’s because it simply works. If you want to use something else, that’s cool.

3.) Why General Finishes? Why can’t I use ? Does it really matter?
-Well, this stain works well, is easy to work with, has excellent coverage and I love it. I haven’t had luck with other stains. If you have and want to use something else, that’s great. I only will recommend General Finishes for this specific project. Because it works. So yeah. 🙂

4.) Does the stain have bad odor or fumes?
-Not that I can recall. I did all my staining in a tiny bathroom space with no windows and am OK.

5.) What kind of poly did you use? How long did you wait between poly coats?
-General Finishes poly in satin. I wanted a non-high gloss finish. If you can’t find this poly, I would recommend any water based poly and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for drying time. I also applied it with a sock.

6.) Has the stain held up?
-Granted I don’t have kids, but the stain has held up to me scrubbing with a Lysol wipe and no issues for nearly 4 years now.

7.) Should I stain my cabinets?
-Up to you! It’s easy. 🙂

8.) Does this work on bare wood? Why not? Wouldn’t it? Do you know how to make it work on bare wood?
-It’ll likely take some extra coats, but it should all even out in the end since it’s so dark.

9.) Will this work on my white cabinets (or any other color)?
I think it’ll work on white paint as long as you’re ok with 2 things:
1- you likely won’t see a ton of wood grain
2- it may take more coats
Other than that, the process is exactly the same. Again, I’ve never tried it, it’s just what I think. I make NO guarantees.

10.) Do you have any photos showing your vanity completely finished?

11.) Amazon is sold out. Where else can I buy it? What if I live in Canada or the moon and can’t find it?
-www.woodcraft.com and of course, www.google.com

12.) How long did you wait to put on the hardware?
-1 full day after my final topcoat.

13.) Will this work on ?
-Why wouldn’t it? Yes, it would. Stair rails, dressers, beds. Stain away.

14.) What if it’s particle board/laminate?
-Treat it the same way. You’ll be fine.

15.) OMG I think I screwed up my cabinets.
-You likely put too much stain. The solution isn’t to put more, it’s to let it dry completely, put less next time, and move on. 🙂

16.) Are you SURE I don’t have to chemically strip my ?
-I’m positive. People, I am not lying. I see your pins on Pinterest, “I love this makeover! Wonder if it works…?” Um. Yes. It works. I just proved it did. Don’t over think it! 🙂

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Source: http://www.monicawantsit.com/2012/06/staining-oak-cabinets-espresso-finish.html
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