I am so glad you are here and I hope you enjoy my little tour of my new sewing room. To see the before pictures, you can visit here: http://www.aquiltingsheep.com/2013/01/going-downmaking-progress.html

The most important spot in my room is this chair. It’s a place for my friends and family to comfortably sit when they come for a visit. The arms of the chair are looking very worn. I need to make something to cover them up and make them look pretty.

My scraps, sorted by color, are in the bins with the blue lids. The other bins hold my fat quarters and half yards. I keep my yardage folded and stacked using this method by Happy Zombie.

On the other side of the wire shelf, I have a small peg board (that needs painted, but I was in a hurry to get things set up) that holds my most used tools and smaller rulers. I simply zip tied it to the shelf. I love zip ties! ‘S’ hooks are for my purchased patterns.

The tool chest holds my needles, bobbins and other various small sewing supplies. I purchased it at Harbor Freight.

One of my very favorite things is my cutting table. It was once a very ugly desk that I found at the Salvation Army for $1. You can see pictures of its transformation here and here.

Under the desk has great storage. I keep my Viking sewing machine there so it’s handy for those times when I need her. My former sewing room had a closet to store things, so finding a new place to put those things was a challenge. These plastic bins are an example. They hold my “special fabric” and used to live on a shelf in the closet. They found their new home under the desk so I can still access them easily.

New shelves! I lost a tall wire shelf in the move and I needed a place for my books, my buttons and some pretties. As I adjust to my new place, somethings may get shifted around, but for now, this works.

I love the step stool I found at Goodwill. It gets used a lot so I can reach things on the tall shelves.

The tall cupboard we originally purchased to add more cupboard space in the kitchen is a great fit in my room and holds my precuts perfectly.

The ironing board is my extra table I use when quilting a larger quilt. I set it up on the left side of my table to hold the extra weight of the quilt while I am working on it.

Ohhh…This is another one of my very favorite things. My pink kitchen cabinet pressing station. I begged the owner to sell it to me. It’s true…You can read about it here, here and here.

I found the area rug at Menard’s for $17. I found fatigue mats on clearance that I placed under the rug. They make a world of difference when standing for long periods of time.

More shelving. I think I have enough room to store stuff now. 😉

My first baby doll. My mom always said I loved the hair right off of her. She has a very silly name. Ready? Santa Claus Doll. Why? Because Santa gave her to me. It made sense to a me when I was 3 years old. =)

Moving on, the sewing table and my beloved Juki. Love this machine!

My office area. My one goal for this room was for me to have my sewing table so I could see outside and have my computer placed where I could watch Netflix while I worked. I am so glad we were able to get it worked out to be able to do that.

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Source: http://www.aquiltingsheep.com/2013/01/new-sewing-room.html
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