I know what I have titled this post and I need to just get this one out, if you can, paying movers to move your stuff is a lot less stressful than doing it yourself. However, having participated in many moves over the years without movers, I’ve been able to pick up quite a few moving tips that are just plain genius. They make the packing more efficient and slightly less stressful.

1. Saran wrap bottles
Prevent shampoo explosions, or in this case a peppercorn bomb by placing a piece of plastic wrap over the opening then screwing the lid back on.

2. Wrap glass items in towels or dish cloths
Not only do you not have to throw away a bunch of paper afterwards or hoard the plastic grocery bags but you get double duty from packing both items at the same time.

3. Pack books in rolling suitcases
Protect your (Harry Potter) books and move them easily with the convenience wheels and built in, sturdy handles.

4. Use pillow and blankets as padding
Couch cushions will work too when you need a buffer between large items in the moving truck or in individual boxes. Just make sure they are protected with a plastic bag.

5. Take a photo of the back of the TV
With the photo, you’ll be able to remember where all of the cords go instead of playing “Can You See it Now?”

6. Double sheet your mattress
This is when your multiple sets of sheets finally come in handy. If you don’t buy a plastic mattress protector, use a fitted sheet on each side of your mattress to help keep it clean during the move.

7. Have a tape gun
With all of those boxes needing to be taped up, get a tape gun to quickly secure each box. It also works well to secure hoses and cords to appliances.

8. Saran wrap silverware organizer
Or utensil, flatware organizer, whatever you kids call it these day. Keep it dust free and easy to unpack with saran wrap.

9. Fill the pots with spices and baking ingredients
Contain the mess that is the spice cabinet and make sure they make it back to the kitchen by putting them in your pots or crock pot.

10. Place paper plates between dinnerware
Keep plates from moving and shaking by placing the cheap foam plates between each one.

11. Place box labels over edges
If you color coordinate your moving labels, place them over the edges so they fall on two sides so you can identify the box better.

12. Immobilize hung up clothing with trash bags
Bag up your clothes and tie it shut leaving only the hooks exposed to easily hand it back up at your new place.

13. Move miscellaneous items to one room
At the end of packing you’re left with the random stuff and it’s easier to figure out how many more boxes you need when all of the stuff is in one location.

14. Twist to lock pumps
Do you remember when you first bought the soap and you had to twist it open? Well you can use that same function to twist it closed and prevent a soapy puddle mess.

15. Have a designated junk box
The miscellaneous items I mentioned, throw the in the same box, it’s okay. For sanity’s sake, being able to throw items that don’t have a home into the random box will speed up the process as you don’t worry about trying to find them a proper home.

16. Have cold bottled water
Last but certainly not least, keep bottles of cold water nearby to stay hydrated and give yourself necessary breaks.

In the moves that I have been apart of, the people who have use at least some of these moving and packing tips had a much easier and less stressful time moving. And let’s face it, it’s nice when you unpack to find no soapy explosions, clean clothes, and no pepper bombs.

Happy Moving and Packing!

Source: http://www.kiwiservices.com/angela-says/genius-moving-tips/
Image: Flickr