The sunlight shimmers through the Lemon Verbena Lady’s gorgeous herbal jellies. An unexpected gift we received this week.

BEFORE-Not our style, though the tile is great. The old plastic cupboards were falling apart. I don’t want to see microwaves, etc. out in the open. I love open shelves, not closed shelving.

AFTER-Open shelving, an overhead vent (instead of through the floor), antique lighting, old sink, and our beloved stove, Abigail, named for my plump Grandmother Lovejoy.

BEFORE-A small sink complete with a garbage disposal, which we NEVER use. We believe that kitchen garbage is worth its weight in gold. It all goes into a bucket under our sink and is dumped into the worm bin daily. We donated all the cupboards to Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, all the tiles were set into the stonework of our new outdoor dining room. No waste!

Nope, no garbage disposal.

The worm bucket.

The old kitchen had very little storage. With slide out drawers and the use of a lazy susan, we were able to double the capacity.

BEFORE-A wall that took more turns than a country road. An oven installed next to the refrigerator, which was, perhaps, the noisiest fridge in the world. It conked out on us. To the left is the laundry area and far left, the one and only pantry.

AFTER-Slide out shelving in the pantry.

AFTER-I actually have a place to store things. I really only keep what I use; other things that aren’t often used were donated to Hospice.

AFTER-ugh, I can’t stand to see appliances. These cupboards are all fitted with electric plugs so everything can be plugged in and used in place.

AFTER-What was once a crooked wall is now all the same depth, the cupboards are simple, and there is room at the top of the cupboards (thank you, Jeff) for some of my big wooden bowls. Did I want a stainless steel refrigerator. NO WAY, but this Liebherr is the greenest one imaginable. Even the way they are manufactured is considered the greenest in the industry. Very low watt usage. Good food storage, but I wish I had an old one, or maybe the Northstar that looks old.

AFTER-I now have two drawers for storing my Grandmother’s iron skillets, dutch ovens, and cornbread molds.

BEFORE-Storage in the protruding wall, a dropped ceiling with can lights.

AFTER-Protruding storage removed, bookcases installed (great windowsills for plants here), and floor patched and repaired. Antique cupboard for kitchen linens, and just because I love it.

BEFORE-Floor vented cook top, tile counters, no storage under stove because of vents.

AFTER-Make way for Abigail! Maple countertops with breadboard ends, and I love the little cutting board niche that Jeff designed.

AFTER-Two Fisher-Paykel dishwashers are under the sink apron. One on each side. The light above the sink is from Maine.

AFTER-Almost finished. I love the repaired and refinished wooden floors, the warm and welcoming work-family table in the center, and my old miner’s coat rack from Pennsylvania, which holds my copper pots and pans.

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