Hi all! After getting lots of love from the Instagram sneak peek that I shared with you guys last week, I’m excited to be sharing my post about how to make the perfect bed. Coming from a girl who loves fabrics and bedding, it’s no surprise that my idea of a perfect bed is one that’s cozy and beautiful but, just as importantly, is one that’s designed to help me get a restful night’s sleep. Did you all know that sometimes those nights of tossing and turning are due to allergens that collect in your mattress and pillows over time? Yuck. So I’m excited to be partnering with AllerEase, the allergy bedding experts, to combine my bedding design ideas with their allergy expertise and share eight simple steps to making a beautiful and restful bed.

So starting with a bare mattress and working our way up to that final decorative pillow and throw, here we go:

1. Start by choosing a bed skirt that fits the style of your space, whether it’s simple and tailored or soft and ruffled. Use upholstery twist pins like {these} to secure your bed skirt to the box-spring, holding it in place even through sheet changes.

2. Encase your mattress in a zippered mattress protector. Unprotected mattresses can actually double in weight after ten years due to the accumulation of millions of dust mites. AllerEase’s Maximum Allergy and Bedbug mattress protector not only protects from dust mites, pollen, and other household allergens but it’s also waterproof (a must with kids!) and has a soft, comfy top fabric.

3.Your fitted and flat sheets come next. I love the simple, luxurious look of white sheets but patterned sheets are a fun option for adding color and interest to your bed. Make your bed with the finished top edge of your flat sheet face down (you’ll soon see why!).

4.Add a blanket, comforter, or duvet in a weight that’s appropriate for your climate and the season. I prefer using comforters and duvets because they add loft and make your bed look plush and inviting (the beige and white duvet cover on this bed is {this one}).

5.Layer a coverlet or quilt (mine is {this quilt in Natural color}) on top and fold the top third of your bedding (including the flat sheet) back towards the end of the bed, revealing the finished top edge of your flat sheet.

6.Put pillow protectors and covers on your sleeping pillows and place them at the head of the bed. Choosing pillows that are hot water washable to kill germs and bacteria is a smart choice. Most pillows are a lumpy mess after a run through the washer but AllerEase’s Hot Water Washable Pillows refluff to their original shape after each wash.

7. Add decorative shams and pillows to make your bed look welcoming and stylish. Choosing a variety of neutral shades and textures creates a restful, luxurious feel while more colorful patterned pillows are a great way to infuse your space with personality. A simple arrangement of two square euro shams, two standard sized pillow shams, and a decorative lumbar (long rectangle) pillow are a winning combination.

8. Place a favorite throw at the foot of the bed. It’s the perfect just-in-case layer for cold nights and makes your bed look all that more cozy and inviting.

Now all that’s left is to slip into your favorite pj’s and cozy into your fabulous bed with a good book or the remote and a favorite movie. Warning: once you’ve created the perfect bed, you may never want to leave it…

Source: http://www.drivenbydecor.com/2015/06/8-simple-steps-to-making-the-perfect-bed.html
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