Choosing a Mattress

How To Choose Your Perfect Mattress For Your Bed









People consider the bedroom as the most comfortable place at home where you can rest at peace. Having the perfect bed with the right mattress can help improve not only your sleep but your body too. We’ve listed down a few things that can help you in buying the perfect mattress for your bed.


5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Mattress



Have a partner? Choose together!


If you have a partner that you are going to share the bed with, it is better to buy the mattress together. This way, you and your partner will be both comfortable sleeping on the bed.


Don’t just look at the Bed, Lie on it!


Experts suggest testing the mattress on the store by laying down on each mattress for , at least 10 to 15 minutes, in your sleeping position. Of course, your bed should be able to support your weight and build for it to be really comfortable sleeping in.


Bed and mattress should work together!


Never buy a mattress without thinking of your bed. Of course it has to be teamed up with the proper bed to be able to maximize the use of your bed. Remember: Spring mattresses are for spring beds while slat beds are for foam mattresses.


Stick to your budget!


A mattress is a good long-term investment for a satisfied and good night sleep everyday. Be sure to find a good mattress for you and your pockets too!


Consider the Allergens


Having allergies can interrupt your good night’s sleep. Better look for a hypoallergenic mattress or mattress cover that can lessen or prevent discomfort while sleeping.



Firm Vs. Soft Mattress


Firm Mattress is the best choice in maintaining a neutral spine position during sleep. It also prevents your lower back from collapsing and even helps your lung inflate taking in more oxygen in the process which result to a better good night’s sleep. While Soft Mattresses can help reduce back pain. But of course, too much softness will not be good too.

The Different Types of Mattress





Innerspring Mattresses

Spring mattresses may offer a firmer and best support for people with an heavy weight making it easier for them to go in and out of bed. But of course, Spring mattresses are compatible with everyone.

Pros: There are numerous numbers of innerspring mattresses in the market that ranges from soft to firm.

Cons: Steer clear of the cheapest innerspring mattress. They may not have enough springs and cushions that will offer your body proper support.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam the go-to mattress for people with chronic fatigue and some muscle pain. It can evenly distribute the pressure on your body which can help relieve the discomforts.

Pros: It follows the contour of your body as you change your position while sleeping. Memory foam is also well-known for reducing pressure points and relieving pain.

Cons: Memory foams can be temperature sensitive and its too much softness can make you feel hot during the night.

Latex Mattresses

Natural Latex were known to be antimicrobial, resistant to molds and even dust mites.

Pros: Latex Mattresses are known to be very firm but gives a support and comfort like the memory foam does.

Cons: Because of its features, latex mattresses can be pricey but claims to last for more than 20 years.

Air Mattresses

Air mattresses is the best choice for those sleeping partners who has different needs as it can easily be adjusted according to the needs of the sleeper.

Pros: Air mattresses can be adjusted according to the preference of a person. It is easy to manipulate making it firmer or softer to match up to your liking.

Cons: Failing to making the bed firm enough can result to a bad morning with back aches.