I think this bathroom renovation from Omar De Pablo will appeal to many people, not only because of the beautiful peacock blue he’s chosen, but also because he’s managed to totally transform the look of this bathroom (including hardwood flooring!) on a remarkably low budget. Part of his secret was doing the bulk of the work himself, especially renovating the built-in cabinetry, but he also wisely decided to source many of the fixtures and wood locally to keep costs low. Nicely done, Omar! — Kate

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Time: a little over 24 hours

Cost: around $200

Basic Steps: I lifted the vanity off the ground and gave it legs and used recycled wood and beadboard wallpaper to create raised door panels from the flat Formica doors. I removed the Formica counter top and used recycled wood from a closed local restaurant, then closed out the medicine cabinet and used recycled molding. Both sinks were recycled from someone’s back yard. I gave texture to the upper portion of the walls (Spanish lace) and applied beadboard wallpaper to the bottom half. The large eight-foot-long mirror was left in place and divided by the same recycled wood shelf and framed out to look like two separate mirrors. I removed the soffit fluorescent lights and rewired for two separate fixtures. The ladder was made from recycled ballet bars and wood from a closed dance studio.

My advice: Ha, get help! I tried to do everything myself on a deadline and almost didn’t meet it. Also be prepared for changes along the way. When repurposing and doing a DIY job, things don’t always turn out the way you envisioned. I learned lots of patience on this project. Also keep your receipts. You tend to buy lots of one thing and much of others you won’t end up using. Although Lowe’s and Home Depot have good records, it’s important to keep the receipts to avoid store credit and additional hassles. And overall, BE PATIENT! The pieces will come together. — Omar

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Source: http://www.designsponge.com/2012/07/before-after-bathroom-renovation-2.html
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