Summer over, which means I can’t write any pool posts for a while, so I thought I’d squeeze in one more while I still can. And this time I’ve decided to go for broke. These 10 pools are far from your average backyard watering hole, and they may be a bit beyond the reach of the average homeowner — but they sure are pretty to look at, and looking is free.

I’ve seen some pretty amazing pools during my tenure at Apartment Therapy, but I’ve never seen anything quite like the pool above: two pools stacked on top of each other. The rooftop pool overlooks a ground-level pool, so you can enjoy looking at your pool from the comfort of your pool. Excessive, yes, but certainly breathtaking. (The entire house is worth checking out, too.)

(Image credit: Images Publishing via Dwell)

This home in Maroubra, a suburb of Sydney, has a lap pool that comes right up to the home’s outer walls (and also has a stunning view of the ocean).

(Image credit: Joe Fletcher for Dwell)

I love the pool of this California home for the way it harmonizes beautifully with the surrounding countryside. (The deer in the background helps to drive the point home.)

The infinity pool of this home in Portugal has a truly breathtaking view. The almost rustic finish of the pool’s interior also makes such a standout feature look almost…low key?

(Image credit: Matthew Williams for Dwell)

In the backyard of this São Paulo home is a pool whose green color, while unusual, blends perfectly with the profusion of greenery that surrounds it.

(Image credit: Casey Dunn)

This Austin home by Texas architects Lake|Flato is adjoined by a 75-foot-long lap pool on one side. (The bridge is both pretty and practical, since it saves you the trouble of having to walk all the way around.)

(Image credit: Dean Kaufman for Dwell)

(Image credit: Dean Kaufman for Dwell)

This unusual pool in Phoenix is surrounded by 11-foot-high plaster walls on all sides, so swimmers experience only the water, the sun, and the sky. A few delicate looking rungs let the truly adventurous climb atop the wall.

(Image credit: Dave Mead for Dwell)

A dramatically shaped pool complements this even more dramatic house on the outskirts of Austin, built for a science-fiction writer.

(Image credit: James Knowler for Dwell)

The lap pool helps to make the most of this Australian backyard, which is only 23 feet wide, so there’s room for swimming, but also plenty of other ways to enjoy the outdoors, too. It’s proof that a pool can be beautiful and breathtaking without being big.

This last photo, of a home design for northern Norway, may not be a photo at all—I suspect it’s a rendering created by the architect. But that doesn’t make it any less breathtaking—or the idea of having a swimming pool on the roof any less cool. (Although honestly, unless the pool is heated, you’re probably not going to be doing much swimming in northern Norway.)

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