Sofa beds are a practical solution for space problem that many people face these says. It can be converted into a bed when there the need for an extra bed arises. The sofa bed should be comfortable and that is the why you should consider a good quality mattress. The quality of sleep depends mainly on the mattress.

The options of sofa mattress are many, as it is available in different degrees of firmness at a quality level at or near the quality of a traditional bedroom mattress, so you can find the one that you need. There is no need to buy a completely new sofa to get a comfortable sofa bed mattress, you can buy the mattress you need from local mattress stores or a retailer who specializes in mattresses can order you one from a reputable supplier.

When you are in the market for a sofa bed mattress, there are some tips you should consider:

1. Measure space the sofa bed will be placed in and make sure that the there will be sufficient space in your room when the sofa is fully stretched.
2. Choose a lightweight sofa bed mattress.
3. For the mattress firmness, you can choose a soft mattress or a hard one.
4. There are foam, polyester and cotton mattress. The most resilient one is the foam sofa bed mattress, so it is a good choice if you are going to use the mattress on a regular basis. Polyester mattress is lighter than the others.
5 Make sure that your chosen mattress offers a comfortable sleep.

The type of the mattress is the most important factor you should consider. Here we will talk about the most popular types and show the differences between them:

Memory foam sofa bed mattress is a good choice for who wants a medium firmness mattress. It is recommended for anyone has back problems and it reliefs pressure on joints and in the back.
Latex sofa bed mattress is recommended for those that like a firm mattress. It is the most expensive one.

Foam sofa bed mattress is less comfortable than memory foam or latex, but they are good in hiding the feel of the metal bar in a sofa bed compared to an innerspring mattress.
Air Sofa Bed Mattress provides you with the ability to change the firmness of the bed by pumping more air into the mattress.

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