It’s the start of the cold season, soon enough there will be snowstorm and frozen lakes because of the negative temperature. New season means that you should be prepared for two things: the cold and the hot. Here’s our winterizing tips to prepare your home for the coming of winter:

Winter Preparation

1. Flush the water heater

This is something that is often forgotten. As you know, the water filter, filters out the sediment and particles and it settles usually at the bottom of it. When not cleaned regularly, this may cause the water heater to decrease its efficiency and might also increase your electricity bill. Winter is the best time to flush it out as it is expected that you will use more hot water than before. In order to clean it you just need to clear out the drain valve by flushing it with water and you’re done.

2. Programmable Thermostat

One of the best things that you could buy this winter (and is also very helpful) is the programmable thermostat. It lets you know the current temperature inside your home and it also tells you if it is within the ideal temperature. Also, this can lessen your electricity bill because as for every degree you lower the temperature of your home, it also lower’s your winter bill.

3. Clear the Yard

If you are a green thumb, I bet you already trimmed and prepared your garden for the coming fo the cold season. If you’re not, well I guess this is the perfect time for you to spend some time at your yard and cut some long branches of the tree, remove dead leaves and branches and just clear out your garden. Make sure that you leave nothing in there that can potentially damage any of your property, as snowstorms tends to be strong enough to do harm.

4.  The Garden Hose

We are used to leaving the garden house where it is supposed to be – the garden. During winter, the hose can freeze and clog it making it not useful. To be able to use it for the next months or so, make sure to drain the water inside the hose and store them away, maybe inside your garage or somewhere it will not freeze. While you’re at it, shut the water valves properly and insulate the faucet.

5. Test your detectors

Fire is not just common in summer but also in winter! There are many reported fire accidents during winter because of overuse of heater or improper use of the fireplace. To avoid and prevent any fire hazard, store your flammable materials somewhere safe and don’t forget to replace your smoke detector’s battery as it may not be working anymore. It is also an option to install a carbon monoxide detector for added protection.

6. Weatherproof

Winter is the best season to weatherproof your home. Aside from making sure that the cold air does not go inside your home, weatherproofing also maintains the heat inside the home – less energy usage. The first thing to check is always the windows and doors. Install a weather stripper to the gaps to prevent the heat from going out. Also, check for spaces in between cupboards and cabinets that may have leakage or holes you may need to fill. You may use caulk to fill in those extra gaps that the weather stripper cannot fit into. Insulating your home is the best way to keep you and your family warm during this cold season.

7. Clockwise Ceiling Fan

This may be the best home hack there is during winter. Ceiling fans gives us comfort during all seasons except on winter which we may find it not useful. People found a great way of using it during the cold season, you just need to make it rotate on the different direction it usually does. Doing so, will help it maintain the heat at home and lessen your energy usage.

8. Outdoor equipment

Men love to buy power tools and string trimmers, but do they store it correctly? Probably not. In order for it to be in a good condition when needed, proper storage and maintenance of the equipment should be followed.  This is the best time to check on them if they are still working. You may use one or two this winter season. Also, don’t forget to stock up on some ice melt, they are a must in winter.

9. Embrace the Sun

We all know that the sun’s ray gives us warmth. Why not let the sunshine in inside your home? It does not only lighten up your home, but it also warms the house. This is the best time to love the sun and keep your curtains on the side. 

10. Save on your Energy Bills

Since the winter season makes you want to use all kinds of heater, it means that your energy consumption may be higher than usual. To counter this, you may consider shifting to LED lights from a traditional one as it is proven to be more efficient. Also, wear your winter wardrobe even at home as it gives you extra warmth lessening your use of the heater. Lastly, make sure to winterize your home to prepare it for the coming season and for you not to have unnecessary expenses when the cold cause damage to your home because you forgot to prepare for it.