Isn’t it exciting to go home everyday to a house that has good interiors? This is the sign that you’ve waiting for! We made a list of popular interior design styles where you could choose from. Go ahead and see which one matches your style. 

1. Scandinavian Interior Design

The Scandinavian interior design style is gaining popularity these days because of its simple yet cozy house interior. It is influenced by natures and combines the elements of nature such as its shape, abstraction and even its texture.  Aside from its minimalism, the Scandinavian furniture can be easily bought in furniture stores or even online. Scandinavian furniture are  affordable and often made from natural materials such as leather, wood and help.

2. French Country Interior Design

French interiors is a classic decorating style that has been used for a long time. The French interiors never gets old and is easily distinguished because of its refined details, rustic textures  and even the washed-out palettes. French décor furniture has a lot of lines and curve and often ends with a low-key finish. It exudes elegance and simplicity at its best that’s why the design does not fade as time goes by and still looks great after a decade or two. If you want a design that lasts for a long time, then you may choose the French country interior design.

3. Mid-Century Modern Interior Design

The Mid-Century Modern interior design became popular in the 1930s to the 1940s but maintained its popularity until today. The Mid-century modern design is a mixture of the vintage and modern homes in order to produce a classy yet upbeat design. It makes use of organic and geometric shapes , and statement pieces such as large sculptures and plants. The mid-century interior design focuses more on the functionality of the furniture as it is known for decluttering homes that you rarely use.

4. Industrial Interior Design

The name of this design itself talks about its entirety – it’s industrial inspired. Meaning, the design of the house is inspired by the looks and feels of factories and warehouses where it shows large open spaces, highlight structural element of the house and makes use of metal, brick and wood to provide texture inside the house. It gives off a warehouse look but combines it with the true industrial home feeling. If you want to highlight the pipes and the like – which most people usually hide – and wants a spacious home, then the industrial interior design is definitely for you. 

5. Eclectic Interior Design

If you are into different cultures and elements, then Eclectic interior design is for you. This interior design is makes the combination of different cultures blend with each other and at the same time provides a boost of colors in your home, making it livelier.  Eclectic interior design is the best excuse in mixing textures, time periods, styles and trends and letting them harmonize with each other. If you are expressive and is into the world of art, then eclectic interior design is definitely a must for you. 

6. Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary interior design is a simple and sophisticated interior design that makes deliberate use of the texture and clean lines. It is a mixture of modern, traditional, art deco and even the futuristic design but with a much gentler composition which gives off nice visuals. What’s good with contemporary design is its ability to continuously change with time. If you are not much into minimalism and is a fan of modern-clean look, then contemporary design may just be the right interior for you.

7. Country Interior Design

Country interior design is a combination of the French, Tuscan and Scandinavian traditions. This design gives off the feeling of warmth and is very welcoming too. You will see wood, pottery, warm-muted colors and patterned fabrics in a country home. If you are looking for a homey feeling, then country interior design is the one for you.

Now that we’ve listed down the 7 most popular interior designs,  it is up to you which ones will be the one that you will use as inspiration in renovating your home. Don’t forget that the interior design should match not only your personality but also the space of your home.