Winter season may be popular because of the snow and the freezing temperature but also because it is the season of colds, sore throat, dry skin and other winter disease. We listed down the most common winter problems and their natural remedies that you could try at the comfort of your home. 

Common Winter Problems

The cold weather may be ideal for some because of the different activities that you can do but it may also pose as a threat to our health especially since there are many virus and bacteria that becomes active during this season. Here are the most common winter diseases that you should be aware of:

1. Colds and Flu

In contrast to the different beliefs, colds and flu is not common during winter because of the sudden change of temperature. The colds and flu are due to the virus or bacteria that is active and transmitted through air. Winter is quite windy that is why it is advisable to wear as much protective clothing to prevent you from acquiring such diseases.

2. Sore Throat

Like colds, sore throat is popular during winter or cold season too because of the virus that is causing is usually active at these times. Sore throats can cause you to have difficulty in swallowing food and liquids.

3. Dry Skin

During winter, the humidity of the air becomes low causing your skin to be dry and flaky. Moisturizing the skin is daily is a must especially at this time to prevent other dermatologic problems from occurring. Avoid showering with hot water as it can aggravate your skin problem.

4. Sinusitis

The nose is quite sensitive to temperature changes especially during winter when the temperature reaches its lowest point. Sinusitis can cause coughing, runny nose and chest congestions to any person who is suffering from it. Adequate rest and plenty of fluids is a must to treat sinusitis.

Natural Remedies

Cinnamon Tea

Just add a sprinkle or two of cinnamon on your favorite tea. Cinnamon tea is a popular remedy for colds as cinnamon contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that was proven to increase the over-all health of a person.

Salt and Turmeric Water Gargle

For sore throats, just gargle with warm salty water with turmeric to soothe the soreness of your throat. This combination was proven to have a relieving effect due to its anti-inflammatory properties. You may need to do it more than once though as its effect is not immediately noticed and it takes some time for the sore throat to heal.

Almond or Olive Oil

If you are experiencing dry and flaky skin, you may consider almond or olive oil. Just massage it on your skin until fully absorbed. These two were proven to make your skin smooth and also keeps it moist preventing you from having dry skin.

Turmeric and Ginger

These two are quite popular in treating sore throats and colds, but did you know that they also cover sinusitis? The combination of brewed turmeric and ginger was proven to help loosen the congestion in your nasal passages making it easier for you to breathe.

Honey Water

Honey is known to have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Honey can be mixed with water to soothe throat pain and suppress cough too. It is also safe to give to children too! Do not give it to children less than a year old because some may contain botulinum spore which can be fatal for children under this age.

Vitamin C

Aside from medications, you could also get vitamin C from fruits. It does not only make your immune system stronger, but it is also helpful in reducing phlegm whenever you have colds. Fruits such as lemon, oranges and grapefruits are rich in Vitamin C. Don’t forget your daily dose of it, with or without illness, to make sure that your body is always ready for possible invaders.

Warm Baths

Who doesn’t like a warm bath during this cold season? I bet everyone does. Warm bath does not only relax the body and the mind, but it is also a good way of reducing symptoms of flu and cold. You may try to add some Epsom salt or baking soda for a much better effect. Some puts a few drops of essential oil to have a soothing effect.