After winter, spring comes. The snow and ice slowly melt, soon enough all the roads will be clear of snow and flowers will bloom again. Before finally enjoying the spring weather, there are many tasks to be accomplished first.

Clean Up the Roof         

Once the snow melts, you will see the mess that has been hiding all throughout winter. I bet there are a lot of leaves and dirt on your roof. Go up to your roof and clean it up. Take not of the cracks and other missing or broken parts you may need to repair. Look also for other debris that is hiding in between the roof. Better repair the problems as soon as you noticed it to prevent it from becoming big and causing a more serious and expensive problem.

Check the House Exterior

Whether your house is made of bricks, woods or just a plain wall, make sure to check it out. Look for cracks and water stains on the wall. The water stains are a probable indication of the gutters not working problem. It may either be due to a clogged pipe or it might need replacing. Take note: For woods, check the damaged areas or openings that may be an ideal place for carpenter ants, critters and woodpeckers to enter.

Inspect the Chimney

If your house has a masonry chimney, this is the best time to check its condition. Look at the joints in between the bricks and stones. See if there are possible molds or other growths in its walls. Note: If you see a white calcium-like deposit, it indicates that water may be seeping through your chimney.

Window Caulk

The window caulk is often check before winter comes, but it is also advised to check it after winter too. Like in winter, the leakage may alter the temperature in the house. This time, the cold air will go out, while the warm air will go inside the house making it warm. This is not something we like especially when spring finishes, and summer starts.

Find Leaks

The best time to check your plumbing for leaks is during spring. You will see if the winter season did some damage to your house pipes. Check under the kitchen and bathroom sinks and make sure that the connection in between pipes is secured and sealed to prevent water leakage. If you see a water stain, look for the source and immediately seal the source to prevent further damage on your sink and your kitchen cabinets.

Ready the Aircon

Saying goodbye to the cold weather is never easy but seeing the flowers bloom and the roads clear of snow is a totally different sight. The weather starts to get warm and this is the time to prepare your air-conditioning units for the coming summer. Hire a cleaning service or you can do it on your own and change the filter. Also, check for leaks and if it drains freely.

Clean the Windows

Spring clean your windows by buying a store brought window cleaner. You may also do it on your own by adding 1 tablespoon of vinegar in about 1 cup of water. Splash on the window and use a soft cloth or squeegee to clean it. Let it air dry.

Mow the lawn

Start tending to your lawn by removing the fallen branches, leaves and debris around the area. Check the pipes, faucets and ground sprinkler system if there are no damage from frost and if everything is working fine. Start by trimming the grass first then move along as you go.