There are many high-rising condominiums and apartments being built and many people are investing on it as its location is not only good, but it makes everything accessible unlike living in a residential area. As many people buy these condominiums and apartments, the trend on small homes is increasing. Thus, here are some tips that you can use to make your small space look bigger:

1. Declutter: Clear out your space

There’s no better way to start your renovations than to declutter your home. A cluttered room or apartment is overwhelming too look at. It makes the space feel so disorganized and full. Removing some of the stuff that you no longer use is a great way of reducing the mess in your home. You may also try to categorize them : to use, to donate and to throw away. This will make it easier for you to determine which ones are for keeps and which ones can still be used but not by you anymore.

2. Clear the Path

Maybe on the 1st day that you move-in you were too busy unpacking that you forgot that there is a process in moving in. Move some of your furniture and accessories as to not block the view in the room. A misplaced furniture will make the space look cramped. Make sure to think of your walkway when adjusting or moving your furniture and fixtures. We want the room to look larger but we also want comfort when moving around the house. Short furniture pieces such as an armless open chair, ottoman or a low table helps in opening the space by putting them along the wall rather than in an open space.

3. Light and Cool Colors

Did you know that dark and warm colors makes a space feel cozy and intimate while light and cool colors make a space look more open and bigger. Colors have their way of stimulating the mind and at the same time greatly affects the vision of how you want your room or apartment to be.

4. Stick to a Monochromatic Color Scheme

We don’t want our apartment to look like a mess, so better base your fixtures, furniture and design from a monochromatic color scheme. This will increase the possibility of your house complementing with each other, enhancing its features as you go along. Remember, cool colors and delicate warm colors gives a small room an even more open look.

5. Embrace Mr. Sun

Appreciate the sunlight and let it in. A well-lit room looks even more bigger especially if it’s not artificial light, but brought about by natural light. Remove some of your heavy drapes and welcome the sunlight from your window. Better if you could open the window too to welcome the cool air and provide better ventilation for the room.

6. Appreciate the Mirrors

Like what you read in magazines, putting mirrors in a strategic place can give of an illusion of a larger space. Try to put it father away. In the bathroom, instead of putting opaque glass shower enclosure, why not put an clear, tempered and frameless one. It doesn’t only add to the aesthetic but also makes the bathroom look bigger – even though it’s not.

7. Make use of Multi-purpose Items

A small apartment or condo unit means that you have less space to store some of your items. To get rid of the clutter and prevent you from having a mess, consider buying multi-purpose items like an ottoman that you could use as a chair but also a storage too! Nowadays, people are getting more creative and many furniture have an additional use to it aside from what its made for.

8. The “Cantaloupe Rule”

This rule best applied to vases. They say that any decorative accent that is smaller than a cantaloupe will only make your space and room crowded. That’s why avoid buying too small accents and invest on big and few ones.