Give or take you probably spend about a third of your life in bed.  So it makes sense that your bed is kept as clean as possible.  Unfortunately changing the sheets, turning the mattress, making the bed, and what-not are such a chore as it is that people are rarely in the mood for cleaning the mattress too! However, it makes sense to make the effort a couple of times a year at least.  A clean, well looked after mattress lasts longer and it may help prevent a nasty outbreak of bed bugs too!

Here’s a six step plan that you can do twice a year to keep it fresh under the sheets:

  1. Start by stripping off all the bedding and give it a good wash.  Maybe it’s time to treat yourself to some new sheets?
  2. Next give the mattress a good vacuum.  Clean both sides and pay special attention to any hard to get seams and crevices.  Use a narrow vacuum attachment if you have one to get in good and deep.  This clears the mattress of the dead skin cells that dust mites like to feast on
  3. Check for any stains that vacuuming hasn’t removed and spot treat them with a stain remover
  4. Next deodorize the mattress by liberally sprinkling baking soda over the entire surface. For best results leave this to lie on the uncovered bed for 24 hours.  Leaving the bed uncovered also helps any trapped moisture and sweat to dry out too.  Obviously you won’t be able to do this if you need the bed tonight but. with a bit of planning ahead. you can try to leave it as long as possible. Maybe even do this cleaning before you head off on a vacation?
  5. Vacuum once again to remove the baking soda
  6. Finally we recommend you invest in a good quality mattress cover.  Adding a waterproof mattress pad between the sheets and the mattress will help prevent moisture and skin cells accumulating in the mattress.  This effectively starves out any mites and other pests and discourages these unwelcome strangers from sharing your bed!  We recommend you give the Stuff4Homes mattress protector range a try.  Available from Amazon here.