Your bed may be one of the most important pieces of furniture you own, but chances are your mattress is feeling a little neglected. Have no fear, popular cleaning guru Melissa Maker from “Clean My Space” is here to make our lives a little tidier.

While we all wash our sheets and refresh our bed as needed, many of us don’t think about the hygienic maintenance of the mattress itself. Mattresses can accumulate tons of bacteria, dust, dust mites, and more. It is important that we know how to properly clean and disinfect our beds so that we can rest easy.

While many of us assume that we can just flip our mattress and be done with it, that definitely is not true. Melissa’s cleaning tutorial will show you how to make mattress cleaning a breeze. She includes tips for keeping a mattress clean and free of bacteria using natural methods. Since you spend about one-third of your life in bed, it is important not to be sleeping with harsh chemicals.

The video tutorial covers spot cleaning and stain removal, the disastrous relationship between your mattress and liquid, and how to handle the very serious matter of bed bugs.

Our favorite tip involves using baking soda and essential oils as a natural deodorizer. Who knew that sprinkling baking soda on your mattress could make such a huge difference? With spring cleaning quickly approaching, these tips are excellent to keep in your back pocket.

Mattresses are expensive, but these tips can keep yours clean, fresh, and lasting longer to protect those hard-earned dollars.

Image: Clean My Space – 2017-01-28_2126.png via YouTube